We are looking to hire a reliable BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER (B.D.O)/MARKETER. He/she works to grow the company’s profits through attracting new customers and increasing the spend of existing customers He is to help the company reach it’s achievable revenue goals,generate and drive practical ideas that will move the company forward. This position will report/work with the Chief Operating Officer.He/she should be fully knowledgeable on how to grow a business.He/she has to have a strong practical working knowledge for the position of a BDO/Marketer with a good thought process. The ideal candidate will be competent in prioritizing and working with no supervision. He/she will be self-

motivated and trustworthy.


You will being charge to develop marketing and business plans for the

achievement of revenue goals of the company.

You will be involved or expected to pitch and present at boardroom level.

This could include presentations to HR (Human Resources) department sand will require meticulous planning and proposal writing and with IT skills and should be able to use similar gadgets.

The main area of focus will be to generate new leads with the aim of creating more sales.

He/she should have the ability to effectively cope with colleagues and customers and move them towards accomplishing certain tasks and goals

Business Development involves scheduling appointments, preparing and

delivering presentation to customers,this includes undertaking interviews from the customers in other to get feedback and incorporate it into the growth plan

A Business Developer will work on sales follow-up activities.

Maintaining customer relationships and ensuring customer loyalty through

excellent customer service as well as meeting all client needs appropriate to their business, is a key role within Business Development

A Business Developer usually works as part of a team and closely with

other departments within the organization

Guide and train business development staff and associates.

Will always be on the lookout for new opportunities.


A degree or equivalent qualification is recommended, but a proven background in business development may be sufficient.

A proven track record in strong presentation skills is essential in the role of Business Developer.

Business Developers need a strong track record of business-to-business sales at a corporate level.

A Business Developer will need to have strong research and strategic analysis skills.

Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written and be able to cold call potential clients with confidence are key for a successful Business developer.

Business Developers need to be skilled at agreeing and closing deals with clients.

Excellent organizational skills are essential as well as performance monitoring will be a requirement.

Must be able to operate Microsoft Office and associated programs.

Must hold a full clean valid driving license.

LOCATION: Job location is Owerri.

APPLICATION: All interested candidates should submit a one page Letter of Motivation and a very well detailed CV to– with a copy to